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It's sokoban like in roguelike game nethack. At default we have only one level - 1b from nethack, but another levels can be available form map files.
Game in developing now... You can find last source code here.


At firts get latest version of source code from git. Run:

$ git clone git://
$ cd sokohack

For build game you need g++ compiler and libncurses5-dev. For install it on ubuntu run:

$ sudo apt-get install g++ libncurses5-dev

After install this developing tools you may try to compile the game :) Run: $ cd <path_with_sourge>

$ g++ -lncurses -o sokohack ./main.cpp

If all ok, you will find executable sokohack <> binary. Run it! +)


In gameplay you can see:
@ - you (hero)
# - wall
0 - stones
^ - pit. For remove it move stone here ;)
. - you can move here
< - exit


Like great text editor vim
h - left
j - down
k - up
l - right
q - quit


You can contact me by


Made by Sicness. GPL 3.0